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AWS® SES suck so bad?

Simple, intuitive, and safe AWS® tools that even Becky from Biz Dev and Paulie from Product Management can use.

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View My Templates

without emailing it to yourself!


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Tools for AWS SES®

View Templates

View your email Templates in the browser

Test a Template

Dry run a template. See how it looks in the browser with real data

Unlimited email IDs

Get unlimited email ids on your own domain...like a private Mailinator.

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Don't let the unusable AWS SES® UI slow you down

Other SES functions

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Update a Template

Update a template right here in the browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build this?

In my day job, I help manage a startup's AWS infrastructure.

While I want to have my non-tech colleagues do things on their own, I find that that AWS's web interface is basically impossible to safely navigate. At times, the AWS web interface has limited functionality.

For example, AWS's Simple Email Service does not have a place where you can see your email templates in the browser. You have to download the template, then open it in your browser as a file://. Talk about annoying.

Can I request a specific utility for my team?

Sure. You can request a UI by emailing us. I'll build the more popular ones.

How secure are my keys?

As secure as the device you use it on. Let me explain.

This entire website is serverless. I serve it from an S3 bucket so there is no server as such to log your data. I use the AWS javascript sdk to directly connect to AWS without any intermediate hops to perform actions on your behalf.

So, if your browser is safe, e.g., you are not a public workstation, your AWS credentials are also absolutely safe. Here's our privacy policy.

Can I duplicate this?

Of course!

My source code is hosted on Github here. Just clone the repo, run http-server . (or any such webserver for static files) on the command line and you'll be good to go.

Can I contribute?

Of course!

Check out the issues page on my Github for this project and send me a PR for any issue that you can help with.

Why is the website called Zeer0?

Zeer0 because it matches the number of hassles you will face in using these utilities!

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